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Kotchin 10L Bag-in-Box (Cask Conditioned)


*Bag in Boxes are now due into us week commencing 30/3 - Will be delivered as soon as boxes arrive with us*


10 Litres of fresh cask beer

Given the current situation we have lots of cask beer in stock that has a limited shelf life, we can rack these beers directly into 10L bag-in-box and deliver them straight to your door. Better being enjoyed while you wile away the hours at home, than it going down the drain!

These boxes are on-yeast, you can settle them for 24-48 hours by propping the back of the box up an inch or so before pouring if you want a clear beer, or if you can't wait, there is no harm in drinking it sooner.


This is a live product so shelf life can vary, as a rule keep it cool and it should last at least 3-7 days, if not longer.